Ways You Can Save Money

Time and time again, we have discussed the many reasons why outsourcing your printing and mailing will save you time and money.  But let’s say you’ve already taken this advice and now you’re looking to cut costs even more.

Even if you’re working with a print partner, you may be spending more than you need.

For example, are you currently using pre-printed forms?  If you’re willing to forego some color, you may be able to switch to printing “on the fly”.  Nix those expensive, custom forms and watch the savings add up!

Do your invoices or statements contain multiple pages?  If so, you may be able to duplex print some of those pages.  This will save you money on both processing and paper and possibly even on postage depending how many pages you can eliminate.

We can all agree that saying money is a good thing.  Make sure you speak to your print partner to see if any of these changes can help your bottom line.


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Posted by Katie LeClair

Why Your Printing Company Should Use Extreme Dialogue

When outsourcing your printing and mailing needs, it’s important to find a flexible printing service that can provide you with lots of different options.  Printing services that use Extreme Dialogue can do just that.

Extreme Dialogue is programming software that allows print on demand companies to fully customize a form to a customer.

Selective Inserting:

Selective Inserting refers to the software’s ability to automatically include a coupon or flyer that is specific to a specific customer.  Once you specify the requirements, this is done automatically.  Pretty much anything you want can be inserted.  The postage will stay the same price as long as the mail piece weighs less than 1 ounce.

An example of an insert is buckslips.  Buckslips are flyers that are 3 1/3 x 8 ½.  Printing services, such as Triadex Services, can print and insert your buckslips.  This is a great option because you have a captive audience who you know will open the mail piece.

Variable Messaging:

Variable Messaging refers to the software’s ability to program a message to be printed in the body of a statement that is based on certain requirements.  An example of this is including a message specific to a customer.

Extreme Dialogue is best in class in the industry.  For more information about the benefits of this programming software or to receive a free quote, click here.

For more information about this or to receive a free quote, click here.

Posted by Katie LeClair

Why File Names Matter

File names are an extremely important part of outsourcing your print and mail needs. In order to automate the process, you will need to use certain patterns when uploading your files.  An example of this would be “INVdate.csv” or “STMdate.csv”.  … [Continue reading]

What the Heck is a Data File?

A “Data File”, also referred to as a “Data Map” or “Input”, is a test file that contains the information that will need to be mapped onto the document.  Most printing services will prefer the data file in CSV format.  Because there are multiple types … [Continue reading]